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Third Line of Defense.


herpes cure, herpes medicine, herpes treatment, herpes remedy, herpes medication

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Hannah Yoseph, MD

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herpes medicine, herpes cure, herpes treatment, herpes medication, herpes remedy
herpes cure, herpes treatment, herpes medicine, herpes remedy, herpes medication, herpes natural treatment, cure herpes, hsv cure, hsv treatment

HERP-B-GONE & HBG SENSUAL LUBE have been formulated by Hannah Yoseph, MD, producer of “Wisdom’s House” and author of numerous popular self-help medical books, including the popular title, How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol (And Kill You One Cell at a Time).

HERP-B-GONE & HBG SENSUAL LUBE balms are made with natural plant oils that have been demonstrated in published clinical studies to suppress or destroy the Herpes virus (HSV and Zoster/shingles). See HANNAHYOSEPH.COM for study links.

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Because the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) can reside in body fluids (mouth and reproductive organs),

an INTERNAL SUPPLEMENT as well as external balms is required to more thoroughly combat the Herpes virus.

New research reveals that ACTIVE HERPES INFECTION is linked with ACTIVATION OF THE JNK GENE.

Hannah Yoseph LLC is now offering an internal supplement as a THIRD LINE OF DEFENSE: HBG3.

HBG3 is specifically formulated to suppress this over-activate JNK gene.

Read more about the science of HBG3 in the above page "Herpes and JNK".

Any supplement that can boost the immune system (this includes HERP-B-GONE & HBG SENSUAL LUBE)

can temporarily make symptoms worse (as white blood cells are mobilized to clean up dead and dying debris).

If this happens, discontinue use until symptoms improve.


"ZERO outbreaks for one year with Red, Green & Blue Tops!" -Andy 

"​This product is a "life-saver". The single most effective topical treatment I've ever used. Hannah, I don't know how you managed to develop this but I am so thankful that you did. Please don't stop producing it. This product really is a miracle!" -N. Noir                                                  


​"I was having terrible outbreaks, one after another. I used the product 2-3 times and the outbreaks have stopped! Be patient -- it will work for you too. Thank you so much, Dr. Yoseph!"  -Amy D.