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Doctor-Formulated Herpes Outbreak Suppression

Red-Top: First Line of Defense

“The challenge of a teacher lies not in the slaying of dragons, but rather in exposing them as beasts no longer to be feared.” -Alan Burton

 The Herpes virus is NOT invincible any more than is a dragon with scales, fire and strength in its sheer size.

The first weak spot of the Herpes virus is its protein coat – the envelope that contains its infectious payload. Think of this as the scales of a dragon's skin. A wide range of plant oils have been demonstrated to effectively destroy the protein coat of any type of Herpes virus. No scales or weakened scales = no payload.

The second weak spot of any Herpes virus is its DNA or RNA payload that it uses to control the host cell's genetic machinery (this is akin to a dragon's “fire”).

The third weak spot of the Herpes virus is its ability to make itself appear strong by replicating itself in host cells until the impregnated cells rupture and release innumerable viruses (this is like a dragon's strength due to its size).

To recap, three strategies to neutralize Herpes are:

Strategy 1: Attack the protein coat (Red-Top and Green-Top)

Strategy 2: Attack the payload (Green-Top and Red-Top)

Strategy 3: Block replication (Blue-Top and Red-Top)

Essential plant oils are fragrant chemicals made in different plant parts to protect the plant from a wide variety of diseases. These powerful chemicals are the germ warfare agents of the plant world.

Herp-B-Gone (HBG) Red-Top balm is a blend of essential plant oils clinically demonstrated by various scientists to inactivate or directly kill the Herpes virus as follows:

Herpes Remedy by Inactivation of the HSV1 and HSV2 virus coat (Saddi, 2007; Schnitzler, 2001).

Herpes Treatment by Direct killing effect on all types of HSV (Garozzo, 2009; Koch, 2008; Schnitzler, 2008).

Herpes Cure by Suppression of HSV outbreak (Schnitzler, 2007; Koch, 2008).t antiviral effect on Herpes (Schnitzler, 2008)

Herpes Cure by Disruption of formation of the Herpes virus coat (Koch, 2008).

Herpes Treatment by Inhibition of viral plaque formation (Schnitzler, 2007).

Herpes Cure by Block of cell-to-cell spread of HSV1 and HSV2 (Saddi, 2007).

Herpes Medicine by Disruption of the HSV coat (Sokmen, 2004).

Herpes Cure by Killing effects on drug-resistant strains of HSV1 and HSV2 (Schuhmacher, 2003).

Herpes Treatment by Inhibition of the viral replication of HSV2 (Kita, 2003).

Red-Top is a therefore a carefully-formulated blend of powerful plant aromatic oils that synergistically work to attack Herpes on multiple fronts. It is not formulated to “dry” an outbreak – and in fact it can make it temporarily more “wet” by the direct-killing effect of Herpes viruses. The immune system's white blood cells will, within 24 hours, begin to remove the dead and dying viruses (and this may cause some temporary discomfort). So if you want something simply to dry an outbreak, Red-Top is not for you! If you want to stop Herpes dead in its tracks, it is.

Herpes hides in nerves, and when the virus is activated (by stress which includes hormone cycle changes, menstruation and sun exposure) it replicates and travels down the nerve to surface on the skin where the nerve terminates – such as around the lips as in HSV1 mouth sores. The activated infection in the nerves causes pain, itching, tingling and burning – which signal that an outbreak is about to blister on the skin (blisters contain infectious newly-replicated viruses).

While HSV1 and HSV2 tend to reside in nerves, both can infect ANY region of the body – especially the mouth and reproductive fluids. Three conclusions are drawn here:

1.)  Females are at greater risk of shedding the virus during menstruation.

2.)  Menopausal females are a low risk of transmitting the virus.

3.)  Males who ejaculate and then have repeat intercourse with their partner are at risk of directly reinfecting themselves.

HSV likes to reside in the nutrient-rich prostate fluid (semen). Over 30 researchers have published studies that demonstrate how the presence of Herpes in semen is associated with increase risk of HSV transmission and male infertility as follows:

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Most people think that just because they do not have blisters on the skin they are not infectious. This common misunderstanding is perhaps why HSV is so common today and rapidly spreading.

It is natural for anyone to want to live life on their terms without risking the rejection and social stigma of telling a sexual partner that they have HSV and rationalize that as long as they are outbreak-free there is no risk of transmission.

Because HSV is found in body fluids (mouth and reproductive organs), the risk of transmission in the face of no outbreak should now be obvious. This is why Herp-B-Gone Sensual Lube Green-Top balm was developed – to decrease this risk of transmission between sexual partners.

The SECOND line of defense is GREEN-TOP.